Tripp Lite Rack Cooling in Row Air Conditioner SRCOOL33K

Price: $7,315.88
(as of Jul 12,2021 00:46:45 UTC – Details)

Tripp Lite’s SRCOOL33K is a computer room air conditioner meant for general computer room area cooling or supplemental cooling for large server rooms. The SRCOOL33K uses a new compressor technology that drastically cuts the energy consumption over a standard air conditioning model. It uses an inverter driven DC (direct current) variable speed compressor. A typical air conditioner uses an AC (alternating current) compressor that is either 100% on or 100% off. Each time the compressor turns on there are enormous in-rush current spikes. The unit runs for several minutes to cool the space then turns completely off. This start/stop sequence is not the most efficient way of running. Tripp Lite uses the inverter driven, variable speed, DC compressor technology. During start-up the SRCOOL33K has a slow-start feature that spools the compressor up slowly. This prevents the high in-rush current spike seen in AC driven compressors. Another feature is that it doesn’t need to run full on, then full off. The SRCOOL33K starts off at approximately 25% of its max cooling capacity. After two minutes, based on temperature and airflow readings, the unit steps up to 50% of max capacity. After an additional 2 minutes,if the current cooling capacity it’s running at is not sufficient, it increases again to 75% of max capacity. It will continue to increase to 100% of max cooling capacity after another two minutes if needed. This way you are only running the unit as high as needed without overkill (like a typical AC compressor that’s at 100% all the time when ‘on’.) Once the room starts cooling from these step levels the unit, again from temperature and pressure readings, starts to throttle down to a lower level. It chooses this level and constantly adjusts to simply maintain the cool in the room. Again, no start and stop like typical units. Just a slow steady ‘cruise control’ rate to maintain the room environment.

33,000 BTU of cooling power
Variable-speed, DC-inverter-driven compressor and microprocessor-controlled electronic expansion valve (EEV) enable precision cooling adjustments–no more wasteful, noisy cycling between off and full blast
Soft-start feature limits inrush current to prevent introduction of line noise, voltage disruptions and potential circuit overloads
Self-contained, zero-maintenance unit re-humidifies condensate and expels it through the exhaust air stream, no floor drain, water collection tank, external condenser, refrigerant piping, duct work or plumbing required
Convenient LCD control panel and network interface provide local and remote monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, fan speed, alarms and logging via front-panel buttons, SNMP, Web, telnet or Modbus
Row-based airflow path maximizes hot-aisle/cold-aisle efficiency and cooling predictability by supplying cold intake air high in the cold aisle and removing hot equipment exhaust air high in the hot aisle
put, 50/60 Hz frequency compatibility

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