FluidX Aperio 4-Channel Semi-Automatic Screw Cap Tube Rack Capper/Decapper (FluidX 24-Format External Thread Jacket Cryo)

Price: $9,187.27
(as of Jul 10,2021 23:19:44 UTC – Details)

The FluidX Aperio semi-automated system is compact and ideal for use on a benchtop. The system is designed for efficient tube capping in labs with medium to high throughput. Aperio offers the consistency of an automated decapping system, at lower price point. Using a semi-automated hand lever the Aperio system can cap a single column of tubes, from a cap carrier, in under 10 seconds and will cap, or decap, a complete rack of 96 tubes in under 2 minutes.

Caps or decaps a complete rack of tubes in less than 2 minutes
All caps tightened to the same torque, delivering a secure seal and peace of mind
Space saving design: small footprint to easily fit onto the bench top and install in a laminar flow cabinet
Compatible with FluidX external thread sample storage jacket cryo tubes
Suitable for use with 24-format SBS racked tubes

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